School Board Vacancy Calculator

This calculator will count the days specified in Section 10-10 of the School Code
outlining the general timelines and process for filling a school board member vacancy.
Please read the "Process For Filling A Vacancy" section below prior to completing this form.
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  • 04/02/2019
  • 04/06/2021

  • Process For Filling A Vacancy

    Whenever a vacancy occurs, the remaining board members must notify the regional superintendent within
    five calendar days after the vacancy occurs.

    The board fills the vacancy until the next regular school election, at which time a successor is elected to serve the remainder
    of the unexpired term, unless the vacancy occurs:

    • with less than 868 days remaining in the term; OR
    less than 88 days before the next regularly scheduled election.

    If one of these two exceptions applies, then no election to fill the vacancy is held, and the appointed member serves the
    remainder of the unexpired term.

    If the board fails to fill the vacancy within 45 days, then the regional superintendent fills the vacancy within the next 30 days.

    If the regional superintendent fails to fill the vacancy, then it is filled at the next regular election.

    School Board Elections
    School Board elections are held during the Consolidated Election on the first Tuesday in April of each odd-numbered year.

    School Board members are elected to serve four year terms.

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