Wednesday October 18th, 2017
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Educator Licensure
PLEASE READ THIS FIRST This is the official list of Illinois Professional Development Providers:

All Educators are to consult this list. If the provider is NOT on this list, then it is NOT an approved provider. 

This list is updated by ISBE on a weekly basis.



You can always call or email our offices with any questions you may have. The ROE is working hard to keep you updated and to help you with the new licensing requirements. Remember to include your IEIN (or your Date-of-Birth, last 4 digits of your social security number, and full name) when emailing. 

Per ISBE Licensure Division - ISBE is 150 days behind in the review of applications. If you have applied for a new license or an endorsement, please be advised of the extended wait. For situations that are job-pending, contact the ROE and we will proceed with the necessary steps to request a rush review.

All applications for teacher licensure, endorsments, and renewal are now done through ELIS. We encourage you to review ISBE's ELIS Frequently Asked Questions guide to find out more about the Educator Licensing Information System (ELIS).


One of the functions retained from the ECS system is the capability to record Professional Development Activities. A simple "how to" document about recording Professional Development hours on ELIS is available at:

 CERTIFICATE RENEWAL FOR ADMINISTRATORS - As of 7/1/2014, administrators must use activities that reward them with a PD hours evidence sheet (in addition to the annual academy). Certificate Renewal Process and Directions for Recording Professional Development Activities:

Educators will not receive paper copies of their licenses, but may print a screenshot of their credentials from ELIS. The subject area and grade levels for which the licensee is qualified to teach or administer will be clearly indicated on the license. Endorsements obtained after the initial exchange will be added to the license within the same level for which the licensee qualifies. All applicable content-area tests must also be passed before the endorsement may be issued.

PARAPROFESSIONALS: Please Review the Visual Guide to Paraprofessional Registration on ELIS:

ISBE also provides information for School Districts and Regional Offices of Education at:

Once again, if you have questions regarding the licensure process in Illinois, please contact the Regional Office of Education.

School districts are advised to refer to our Database of Revoked and Suspended Educator Licenses prior to making employment decisions. This database is compiled from periodic information supplied to the Regional Superintendent of Schools by the Illinois State Board of Education.


(105 ILCS 5/21B-40)

Sec. 21B-40. Fees.

(a) Beginning with the start of the new licensure system established pursuant to this Article, the following fees shall be charged to applicants:

(1)  A $75 application fee for a Professional Educator License or an Educator License with Stipulations and for individuals seeking a Substitute Teaching License. However, beginning on January 1, 2015, the application fee for a Professional Educator License, Educator License with Stipulations, or Substitute Teaching License shall be $100.

(2)  A $150 application fee for individuals who have completed an approved educator preparation program outside of this State or who hold a valid, comparable credential from another state or country and are seeking any of the licenses set forth in subdivision (1) of this subsection (a).

* Please also note that the application fee for the ELS(PEDU) remains $150 and that the application fee for an endorsement remains $50.

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