There are numerous settings that are available so that the system can be set up for reporting in any single county or multi-county situation.


Define Counties

The panel below allows the ROE user to add its county or counties to the system. 


Define Districts

Districts can be added to the system after the counties have been defined.  Each district record includes the district name (which becomes the username), the county (selected from a dropdown list), a password, and a security level.

Districts should be given District level security clearance only.

Define Reasons

There are six (6) pre-defined reasons for pupils being dropped from rolls.  These can be added to or modified with the exception of "Withdrew".  The system uses this term to screen records for pupils under 17 years of age.  If a pupil is under 17 years of age, "Withdrew" is not an option when submitting the record.


Define End of Quarter Dates

Each year, the ROE user must access this panel and redefine the end of quarter dates.  The format must be MM/DD/YYYY.


Define Current School Year

The Current School Year is used only for generating the correct school year on reports. 



Before the system can be used in an Educational Service Region, basic information (such as county and district names) must be set up.