The information stored and retrieved by the system is independent of the web application that displays it.  To ensure that the information is protected, a database backup system is available. Storing the data backup somewhere safe will help ensure that it can be restored in the event of a system failure.


The ROE user has the capability of backing up the database at any given interval.  Local technology administrative policies will govern the backup interval.


The Data Backup and Restore Control Panel menu is shown below:


Creating a backup set

To create a data backup,  the [backup data] option on the menu is selected.  Comments may be added, but are not required.  The backup function outputs all of the database tables and their stored data.  When performing the backup, two files are created:  a zipped SQL restoration file and an information index file.  Both are required to restore data.


Viewing recent backup sets

After a backup is completed, the files are listed in the [browse/import/download/delete backup files] menu. 


Download both files

Step 1: Click the "download.gz" button and [Save] when prompted.  Be sure you save the file on your local computer in a place where you can easily find it.

Step 2: Right-click "download info" and then select "Save Target As..." (see below).  Be sure to save this file on your local computer in a place where you can easily find it.


Importing and restoring data

In the event that the data should need to be restored, select [upload backup files] from the menu and click the [Browse] button. 

You will then need to browse your computer for the "gz" and "info" files.  See below:

The gz file and the info file must be uploaded individually.  Once they are uploaded, your files will reappear in the backup system listing.  You may then use the import hyperlink to reintegrate the backup data into the database.



At the end of each year, a final report can be generated and the data can be backed up and stored off-site.  Each new school year begins by zeroing the pupil data and resetting the quarter and school year dates.